• ComicsIndiaChiku
    Category: Reader
    Added: 2014.05.08
    Size: 3238 kb
    Downloads: 15458
    Chiku comics developed with fun and creativity. Slide the application to see the animated comics.
  • Animegram - Anime Girls
    Category: Reader
    Added: 2014.02.26
    Size: 1134 kb
    Downloads: 16065
    Browse photos of your favorite female anime characters!
  • Anime and Figurine Explorer
    Category: Reader
    Added: 2014.02.26
    Size: 1700 kb
    Downloads: 16326
    Are you into Anime? Cos play? Manga? Figures?
  • IndianComics
    Category: Reader
    Added: 2014.01.23
    Size: 2489 kb
    Downloads: 3881
    Indian comics Chiku . The young boy does a lot of things in his life and you may find him damn...
  • Kamus Indonesia Inggris
    Category: Reader
    Added: 2014.01.01
    Size: 13999 kb
    Downloads: 2913
    Kamus Indonesia Inggris merupakan kamus Offline Inggris-Indonesia dan sebaliknya.
  • Added: 2014.01.01
    Size: 16482 kb
    Downloads: 2855
    Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia (KBBI), The Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia adalah kamus resmi bahasa...
  • Fresh Apples (Apple news)
    Category: Reader
    Added: 2013.12.30
    Size: 721 kb
    Downloads: 2724
    All the Apple news and rumors in a fast and beautiful interface for Google Android phones.
  • Gamelife
    Category: Reader
    Added: 2013.10.30
    Size: 1372 kb
    Downloads: 2893
    Gamelife is a flexible and free feed reader optimized for games. It is fast and clean, but full...
  • Free Books & Stories - Wattpad
    Category: Reader
    Added: 2013.09.24
    Size: 5970 kb
    Downloads: 7875
    Join millions who love Wattpad - the world’s unlimited, ever growing library of FREE books and...
  • gReader Pro | RSS Reader News
    Category: Reader
    Added: 2013.08.15
    Size: 3438 kb
    Downloads: 8312
    Read all your rss/feed news in one place, where keeping up with your favorite websites is as easy...
  • ezPDF Reader Multimedia PDF
    Category: Reader
    Added: 2013.08.01
    Size: 12719 kb
    Downloads: 31094
    ezPDF Reader is the best selling, best rated and most commented Multimedia PDF viewer, annotator,...
  • Adobe Reader
    Category: Reader
    Added: 2013.08.01
    Size: 7047 kb
    Downloads: 52143
    Adobe® Reader® is the free, trusted leader for reliably viewing and interacting with PDF...
  • Press (RSS Reader)
    Category: Reader
    Added: 2013.08.01
    Size: 4699 kb
    Downloads: 28684
    Press is a simple and elegant RSS client for popular syncing services.
  • Adobe AIR
    Category: Reader
    Added: 2013.07.26
    Size: 9847 kb
    Downloads: 29056
    Enjoy your favorite web applications with Adobe AIR.
  • BeyondPod Podcast Manager
    Category: Reader
    Added: 2013.07.16
    Size: 7885 kb
    Downloads: 2176
    Full featured Podcast Manager (podcatcher) and RSS feed reader
  • Listen to the News Audio
    Category: Reader
    Added: 2013.07.16
    Size: 2216 kb
    Downloads: 1832
    Listen to the Latest News in Real Time with News Caster (Audio).
  • Radio New Zealand
    Category: Reader
    Added: 2013.07.16
    Size: 1223 kb
    Downloads: 1874
    With Radio New Zealand for Android, you can listen to your favourite programmes anytime, anywhere.
  • WizardGo - Audio News
    Category: Reader
    Added: 2013.07.16
    Size: 1168 kb
    Downloads: 1785
    WizardGo is in an engaging app that allows you to read or listen to your favorite Internet content.
  • SoundGecko
    Category: Reader
    Added: 2013.07.16
    Size: 1427 kb
    Downloads: 1947
    "SoundGecko reads your RSS feed to you in stunning clarity"
  • All India Radio News
    Category: Reader
    Added: 2013.07.16
    Size: 1939 kb
    Downloads: 2044
  • Web2go | Listen To Your News
    Category: Reader
    Added: 2013.07.16
    Size: 6098 kb
    Downloads: 1861
    A revolutionary app for listening to news articles & updates from your favorite websites.
  • Added: 2013.07.15
    Size: 744 kb
    Downloads: 2029
    Read the hottest Rage Comics from Reddit in a fast and clean UI.
  • Manga Watcher
    Category: Reader
    Added: 2013.07.14
    Size: 7206 kb
    Downloads: 11408
    One App for Phone and Tablet! Android ICS already support!
  • Feedly. Google Reader News RSS
    Category: Reader
    Added: 2013.07.03
    Size: 7064 kb
    Downloads: 2408
    Feedly is a new way to browse the content of your favorite sites, rss feeds, tumblr blogs and...
  • Droid Scan Pro PDF
    Category: Reader
    Added: 2013.06.27
    Size: 753 kb
    Downloads: 3706
    "As a scanner, wonderful. The best I've found so far.
  • RepliGo PDF Reader
    Category: Reader
    Added: 2013.06.17
    Size: 3132 kb
    Downloads: 20781
    RepliGo PDF Reader enables PDF viewing, annotating, printing and form filling.
  • Pocket
    Category: Reader
    Added: 2013.06.07
    Size: 4835 kb
    Downloads: 3960
    You can read an article during a flight, see a web page while you wait in line or watch a video...
  • Naver Webtoon
    Category: Reader
    Added: 2013.05.27
    Size: 2925 kb
    Downloads: 2227
    Check out new webtoons everyday! Enjoy a wide variety of webtoons updated in real-time.
  • Audible for Android
    Category: Reader
    Added: 2013.05.23
    Size: 4544 kb
    Downloads: 2043
    Download the app by Audible.com, an Amazon company, to listen to books on the go.
  • ezPDF CLEAR PDF Player
    Category: Reader
    Added: 2013.05.22
    Size: 14459 kb
    Downloads: 2553
    It's a PDF reader. It's a PDF viewer.