• Added: 2013.01.22
    Size: 2925 kb
    Downloads: 947
    Use the simple user interface and quickly secure your PDF documents
  • Connection Tracker Pro
    Category: Encryption
    Added: 2012.08.16
    Size: 5727 kb
    Downloads: 1111
    Keep your phone secure by monitoring connections in the background.
  • Added: 2012.08.14
    Size: 419 kb
    Downloads: 1144
    Vault Secure Document Manager Pro securely organizes and manages your personal and work documents.
  • Added: 2013.04.02
    Size: 928 kb
    Downloads: 1166
    The Darth Vader Lockscreen is a lock screen replacement for all you Star Wars fans out there....
  • Safe Connect
    Category: Encryption
    Added: 2012.02.28
    Size: 706 kb
    Downloads: 1497
    Safe connect is a free android app which protect your phone connecting to Internet. Here are some...
  • BioWallet Signature
    Category: Encryption
    Added: 2012.08.13
    Size: 3126 kb
    Downloads: 1537
    With BioWallet Signature you can store and protect your passwords and sensitive information.
  • Added: 2012.03.21
    Size: 299 kb
    Downloads: 1692
    Passtore is an easy-to-use password manager, allowing you to securely store your passwords and...
  • Anti Theft Alarm
    Category: Encryption
    Added: 2012.08.06
    Size: 573 kb
    Downloads: 2019
    This application is perfect to keep burglars away from your phone.
  • Norton Spot Ad Detector
    Category: Encryption
    Added: 2012.09.04
    Size: 1636 kb
    Downloads: 2118
    Norton Spot is an ad detector and scanner of advertising networks that can spam your device via...
  • Encrypt File Free
    Category: Encryption
    Added: 2013.01.08
    Size: 340 kb
    Downloads: 2594
    Encrypt File Free can encrypt and protect photos, videos, audios, pictures, doc, ppt, xls, pdf...
  • Added: 2013.01.29
    Size: 371 kb
    Downloads: 2919
    Universal Password Manager allows you to store all your usernames, passwords, URLs and notes in...
  • B-Folders
    Category: Encryption
    Added: 2009.08.16
    Size: 115 kb
    Downloads: 2966
  • WiFinspect [Root]
    Category: Encryption
    Added: 2012.08.29
    Size: 8502 kb
    Downloads: 3138
    WiFinspect is a multi-tool intended for Computer Security professionals.
  • iTriage Health
    Category: Encryption
    Added: 2013.05.14
    Size: 6311 kb
    Downloads: 3629
    Triage has 4.5 star rating from our millions of users in over 80 countries.
  • Phone Safe
    Category: Encryption
    Added: 2009.05.17
    Size: 49 kb
    Downloads: 3725
  • McAfee Security Innovations
    Category: Encryption
    Added: 2013.06.25
    Size: 7110 kb
    Downloads: 4177
    Get early access to cool new security and productivity tools in beta from McAfee.
  • Added: 2013.04.25
    Size: 1399 kb
    Downloads: 4693
    d Privacy Protection APP following Smart App Protector
  • ESET Mobile Security
    Category: Encryption
    Added: 2012.08.29
    Size: 3377 kb
    Downloads: 4997
    Keep your phone or tablet secure and its contents away from prying eyes with award-winning ESET...
  • Added: 2013.07.09
    Size: 3069 kb
    Downloads: 5069
    Hide pictures securely and conveniently in Photo Locker! - The ultimate hidden gallery app for...
  • Contacts & Gallery Lock
    Category: Encryption
    Added: 2013.07.02
    Size: 4872 kb
    Downloads: 5116
    You have an UPGRADE!! UPGRADE!! UPGRADE!! - Gallery & Apps Lock+Hide
  • Gallery & Apps Secure
    Category: Encryption
    Added: 2013.07.02
    Size: 5096 kb
    Downloads: 5268
    It's the Latest & Hi-tech solution for all your privacy worries! With Gallery & Apps Secure your...
  • FCB Lockscreen Lite
    Category: Encryption
    Added: 2013.04.03
    Size: 2663 kb
    Downloads: 5276
    FCB Lockscreen Lite is a lockscreen specially designed for those inconditional fans of FC...
  • Smart Lock Free (App/Media)
    Category: Encryption
    Added: 2013.06.28
    Size: 1943 kb
    Downloads: 5315
    Smart Lock provides your privacy in mobile phone from others.
  • Password Safe Pro
    Category: Encryption
    Added: 2013.01.23
    Size: 3481 kb
    Downloads: 5404
    Password safe with backup/restore to Dropbox.
  • Added: 2013.05.24
    Size: 7145 kb
    Downloads: 5798
    Selected pictures vanish from your photo gallery, and stay lockedbehind an easy-to-use PIN pad.
  • File Locker
    Category: Encryption
    Added: 2013.06.28
    Size: 200 kb
    Downloads: 6293
    Protect your content against unauthorized reading, playing, watching, etc.
  • Seal
    Category: Encryption
    Added: 2011.04.01
    Size: 580 kb
    Downloads: 6337
    "Seal is very much the sort of security app we've been waiting for on Android." - tested.com
  • Added: 2012.11.20
    Size: 1582 kb
    Downloads: 7024
    Unlock your android phone with your "fingerprint"!
  • Added: 2013.06.14
    Size: 3925 kb
    Downloads: 7060
    TrustGo Carrier IQ detects the existence of Carrier IQ on your phone.
  • APP Lock
    Category: Encryption
    Added: 2013.06.28
    Size: 927 kb
    Downloads: 8036
    Protect your installed applications using a password or pattern!