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  • Added: 2013.11.07
    Size: 18227 kb
    Downloads: 17313
    MoliPlayer Pro basically plays “anything you throw at it”, MOV, RMVB, AVI, WMV, MP4,...
  • Added: 2013.11.05
    Size: 16179 kb
    Downloads: 17328
    You can directly play your videos stored on NAS or PC harddrive on the same wireless network...
  • GoodPlayer
    Category: Video
    Added: 2013.11.05
    Size: 17408 kb
    Downloads: 68304
    No need to convert the media files before playing it, GoodPlayer can play AVI, Xvid, Divx,...
  • RushPlayer
    Category: Video
    Added: 2013.10.30
    Size: 11469 kb
    Downloads: 41185
    With Rushplayer, you can experience stunning high-quality 720p 1080p videos in an extensive...
  • Added: 2013.10.27
    Size: 27341 kb
    Downloads: 33883
    OPlayer HD is used to boost your iPad's media abilities, you can also use it to streaming audio...
  • Added: 2013.10.27
    Size: 26522 kb
    Downloads: 56719
    OPlayer is used to boost your iPhone/iPod's media abilities, you can also use it to streaming...
  • GPlayer
    Category: Video
    Added: 2013.10.20
    Size: 32666 kb
    Downloads: 23254
    You wish you could play any video file on your iPhone/iPad, no matter its format? that's why we...
  • BUZZ Player HD.
    Category: Video
    Added: 2013.10.13
    Size: 26931 kb
    Downloads: 4088
    BUZZ Player HD is a multimedia player supporting many audio and video codecs and file formats,...
  • AVPlayer
    Category: Video
    Added: 2013.10.11
    Size: 16282 kb
    Downloads: 49039
    The AVPlayer can play almost any computer video file format such as AVI, Xvid, WMV and much more...
  • AVPlayerHD
    Category: Video
    Added: 2013.10.11
    Size: 19968 kb
    Downloads: 51426
    Do you enjoy watching videos on your iPad? Do you hate not being able to because your iPad cannot...
  • Added: 2013.10.09
    Size: 20173 kb
    Downloads: 7749
    AcePlayer can play almost any file format movies and streaming directly on iPhone/iPod/iPad.
  • Added: 2013.10.09
    Size: 29491 kb
    Downloads: 1808
    Play videos from your mobile to your HD TV! No box, no cables, no TV apps! Just pick a video and...
  • Air Video HD
    Category: Video
    Added: 2013.09.29
    Size: 4198 kb
    Downloads: 1355
    A worthy successor of the most popular video streaming app.
  • 8player
    Category: Video
    Added: 2013.09.24
    Size: 41574 kb
    Downloads: 12322
    8player is the latest application for Video, Music & Photo streaming from any compatible...
  • Added: 2013.09.15
    Size: 26726 kb
    Downloads: 1944
    Make your own playlist then continuously play YouTube videos on your device.
  • IMDb Movies &TV
    Category: Video
    Added: 2013.09.12
    Size: 5837 kb
    Downloads: 2254
    IMDb is the world’s largest collection of movie, TV and celebrity info. We aim to list every...
  • Podcasts
    Category: Video
    Added: 2013.09.08
    Size: 9114 kb
    Downloads: 2634
    Podcasts app is the easiest way to discover, subscribe to, and play your favorite podcasts on...
  • Added: 2013.09.04
    Size: 7066 kb
    Downloads: 1651
    Fast Player is a fast, efficient video player that plays divx and many common video formats! Play...
  • iMovie
    Category: Video
    Added: 2013.09.04
    Size: 484762 kb
    Downloads: 46566
    Make beautiful HD movies anywhere with iMovie, the fast and fun moviemaking app that puts...
  • HD
    Category: Video
    Added: 2013.08.27
    Size: 11162 kb
    Downloads: 2059
    You can browse by category, search for a channel, chat with other viewers, and even send the...
  • iTV Shows 2
    Category: Video
    Added: 2013.08.14
    Size: 18637 kb
    Downloads: 1638
    iTV Shows is a fast, simple and fun way to follow your favorite shows on your iPhone and iPad.
  • Added: 2013.08.13
    Size: 1741 kb
    Downloads: 973
    Download your favorite videos via the "AwesomeTV Video Downloader".
  • StreamToMe
    Category: Video
    Added: 2013.08.09
    Size: 1741 kb
    Downloads: 3243
    Use StreamToMe on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to play *video*, *music* and *photo* files...
  • nPlayer
    Category: Video
    Added: 2013.08.05
    Size: 22528 kb
    Downloads: 3037
    nPlayer provides high quality video play performance and easy control-UI supporting almost all...
  • Plex
    Category: Video
    Added: 2013.08.04
    Size: 13517 kb
    Downloads: 4836
    With Plex, you can stream your music, videos and photos from your home computers running Plex...
  • AirPlayer
    Category: Video
    Added: 2013.07.25
    Size: 18842 kb
    Downloads: 2505
    AirPlayer is an application for streaming video*, music*, photo* from UPnP/DLNA media servers to...
  • SpeedUpTV
    Category: Video
    Added: 2013.07.18
    Size: 1229 kb
    Downloads: 3328
    Speedup TV is a full-featured video player and file viewer with hot value-added extras. Play...
  • CineXPlayer HD
    Category: Video
    Added: 2013.07.15
    Size: 12390 kb
    Downloads: 8635
    CineXPlayer is able to run files in almost any format – such as .avi and others -- and includes...
  • EVGPlayer
    Category: Video
    Added: 2013.07.08
    Size: kb
    Downloads: 1012
    Your player constantly crashes, has problems playing common media formats, fails to synchronize...
    Category: Video
    Added: 2013.07.07
    Size: 4403 kb
    Downloads: 4151
    You can browse by category, search for a channel, and chat with other viewers!