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  • Sonic Jump™
    Category: Action
    Added: 2013.11.26
    Size: 159744 kb
    Downloads: 3975
    Play as Sonic or his friends leaping through familiar and new Sonic worlds to battle Dr. Eggman,...
    Category: Action
    Added: 2013.10.23
    Size: 340992 kb
    Downloads: 11
    BIT.TRIP RUN! - A rhythm-music platforming game. Run through fantastic environments, using brand...
  • Pacific Rim
    Category: Action
    Added: 2013.10.09
    Size: 257126 kb
    Downloads: 1144
    Pacific Rim is an all-new action fighting game inspired by the Warner Bros. Pictures and...
  • T.E.C 3001
    Category: Action
    Added: 2013.09.26
    Size: 341914 kb
    Downloads: 13
    In T.E.C 3001 (Tesla Energy Collector), you are guiding a cutting-edge technology robot to...
  • Added: 2013.09.24
    Size: 985088 kb
    Downloads: 39263
    The inmates have escaped and Batman has his hands full defeating an army of henchmen and some of...
  • Toy Defense: Relaxed Mode
    Category: Action
    Added: 2013.07.29
    Size: 287232 kb
    Downloads: 1875
    Put your defense and strategic skills to the ultimate test in the new Tournament Mode! Defend...
  • After Burner Climax
    Category: Action
    Added: 2013.07.24
    Size: 220160 kb
    Downloads: 4635
    After Burner Climax is fast and frantic arcade-style action, putting you in the cockpit of the...
  • League of Evil 3
    Category: Action
    Added: 2013.06.26
    Size: 123494 kb
    Downloads: 10
    The award-winning and critically-acclaimed platformer for iOS is back again! The Agent and his...
  • Defense Technica
    Category: Action
    Added: 2013.06.25
    Size: 164045 kb
    Downloads: 195
    Experience a new kind of Defense game with Defense Technica, featuring stunning 3D graphics and...
  • Gloomy Hollow
    Category: Action
    Added: 2013.06.19
    Size: 170803 kb
    Downloads: 11
    Welcome to Gloomy Hollow, a haunted home for lost souls out in the outback of the Underworld....
  • Spiral Episode 1
    Category: Action
    Added: 2013.06.19
    Size: 331162 kb
    Downloads: 23
    SPIRAL is a new, unique action adventure game, that truly brings the full experience of console...
  • Kill the Clowns
    Category: Action
    Added: 2013.06.06
    Size: 184934 kb
    Downloads: 7
    A crowd of alien-clowns from the Planet Ridiculonia discovered that the viscosity of human baby...
  • GOL:Legend
    Category: Action
    Added: 2013.06.04
    Size: 107110 kb
    Downloads: 8
    G.O.L is a game that provides you with a variety of experiences. You play G.O.L using a simple...
  • After Earth
    Category: Action
    Added: 2013.05.30
    Size: 136397 kb
    Downloads: 26
    After Earth is an all-new game based on the film where you can slide, leap and fly through...
  • Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno
    Category: Action
    Added: 2013.05.08
    Size: 217498 kb
    Downloads: 249
    This is the perfect on-the-go companion for dressing up a psychotic rabbit (Ash) in ridiculous...
  • Ark of Sinners Advance
    Category: Action
    Added: 2013.05.06
    Size: 211968 kb
    Downloads: 670
    While fleeing from theirs pursuers, Celia and Nemo fall into the depths of the earth to that...
  • One Tap Hero™
    Category: Action
    Added: 2013.05.03
    Size: 123392 kb
    Downloads: 1197
    One Tap Hero is an intelligent game that does what it claims, blending the genre of platform and...
  • Bladeslinger Ep.1
    Category: Action
    Added: 2013.04.26
    Size: 428032 kb
    Downloads: 738
    A visually stunning, fast paced 3D action brawler developed exclusively for high-end mobile...
  • BloodPact
    Category: Action
    Added: 2013.04.23
    Size: 135373 kb
    Downloads: 12
    The game "BloodPact" created by crazy-console game fans won't let you down!
  • Added: 2013.04.18
    Size: 310272 kb
    Downloads: 53
    For the first time ever, you can play as Leo, Donnie, Raph, and Mikey in this action packed...
  • Shake Spears!
    Category: Action
    Added: 2013.04.08
    Size: 120422 kb
    Downloads: 4402
    Shake Spears is a game of GLORY, HONOR, and FAME! Become a valiant knight and enter tournaments...
  • God of Blades
    Category: Action
    Added: 2013.04.03
    Size: 143770 kb
    Downloads: 2111
    Become a spectral warrior who has returned to defend his planet against a rampaging doom-cult and...
  • Ms. Splosion Man
    Category: Action
    Added: 2013.03.29
    Size: 477389 kb
    Downloads: 26
    You got a problem? Yo, she’ll splode it. At the Big Science after-party celebrating the capture...
  • Zeeek
    Category: Action
    Added: 2013.03.19
    Size: 158720 kb
    Downloads: 14
    The world of sound and harmonics is in great danger! Silencio and his hordes of Sighs Silences...
  • Battle Bears
    Category: Action
    Added: 2013.03.11
    Size: 156467 kb
    Downloads: 2283
    Equip your own BATTLE BEAR with a massive array of powerful and hilarious primary and secondary...
  • Spider-Man: Total Mayhem
    Category: Action
    Added: 2013.02.25
    Size: 483942 kb
    Downloads: 50
    Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man battles to save his beloved city! Spider-Man will need to...
  • Heroes and Castles
    Category: Action
    Added: 2013.02.25
    Size: 333517 kb
    Downloads: 2813
    The Undead Horde and their Orc and Goblin allies are at your castle gates, the King is on the...
  • Dexter the Game HD
    Category: Action
    Added: 2013.01.23
    Size: 449434 kb
    Downloads: 7
    Dexter the Game is the killer 3D iPad HD game based on the Showtime Original Series. Dexter...
  • Karateka
    Category: Action
    Added: 2013.01.13
    Size: 659456 kb
    Downloads: 570
    Whether you are a nostalgic Karateka fan or new to the game, Karateka will charm you with its...
  • Crash Dummy
    Category: Action
    Added: 2013.01.06
    Size: 550298 kb
    Downloads: 18
    CID is back! After the success of the PC and Console versions, this challenging game finally...