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  • Osmos
    Category: Scifi
    Added: 2013.02.25
    Size: 16179 kb
    Downloads: 500
    Osmos features unique physics-based play, stellar graphics, and a hypnotic ambient soundtrack....
  • Sentinel 3: Homeworld
    Category: Scifi
    Added: 2011.11.03
    Size: 116858 kb
    Downloads: 8695
    The third and biggest instalment of the highly acclaimed Sentinel sci-fi tower defense series!...
  • Otto Matic
    Category: Scifi
    Added: 2011.06.21
    Size: 62157 kb
    Downloads: 1118
    You are Otto Matic, the robot given the job of saving Earth from the Brain Aliens. Your rocket...
  • Infinity_Control
    Category: Scifi
    Added: 2011.04.10
    Size: 31130 kb
    Downloads: 399
    You start on earth where you learn the basics managing incoming craft while avoiding passing by...
  • StarPagga
    Category: Scifi
    Added: 2011.03.21
    Size: 21299 kb
    Downloads: 625
    StarPagga is arguably the best multiplayer 3D space-shooter on the App Store! You can configure...
  • Starfront - Collision
    Category: Scifi
    Added: 2011.03.03
    Size: 698163 kb
    Downloads: 25714
    Welcome to planet Sinistral, where rare Xenodium crystals are coveted by a human mining...
  • Gravonaut
    Category: Scifi
    Added: 2011.02.22
    Size: 14905 kb
    Downloads: 212
    Gravonaut is a gravity-defying sidescrolling 8 bit astro adventure where you play as a Gravonaut,...
  • Outer Empires
    Category: Scifi
    Added: 2011.02.12
    Size: 45429 kb
    Downloads: 583
    Every player can create an online persona in a persistent galaxy; from that point on they can...
  • Added: 2011.02.09
    Size: 35239 kb
    Downloads: 309
    Captain on the bridge! In a desperate bid for survival of the human race, the Galactic...
  • Space Miner: Space Ore Bust
    Category: Scifi
    Added: 2011.01.20
    Size: 167949 kb
    Downloads: 616
    Space Miner has has been hailed as one of the greatest iPhone games of all time by critics and...
    Category: Scifi
    Added: 2011.01.12
    Size: 256074 kb
    Downloads: 14618
    Players who may be new to the MGS series and even those who may not excel at games can jump right...
  • The Infinity Project
    Category: Scifi
    Added: 2010.12.09
    Size: 59392 kb
    Downloads: 3102
    This is one of the best, most complete action games I've played on the iDevice, and by far my...
  • Star Wars: Imperial Academy
    Category: Scifi
    Added: 2010.12.05
    Size: 185494 kb
    Downloads: 8195
    Master close-quarters blaster combat, long-range sniping and explosive armaments in fast-paced...
  • Space Station: Frontier
    Category: Scifi
    Added: 2010.12.02
    Size: 1.746 kb
    Downloads: 2150
    As overseer of a deep space mining operation you'd expect it to be a peaceful job. No such luck...
  • Sentinel 2: Earth Defense
    Category: Scifi
    Added: 2010.11.30
    Size: 13287 kb
    Downloads: 4652
    It's war, and this time it's too close to home. The Martian mission may be over, but the aliens...
  • Flingy
    Category: Scifi
    Added: 2010.11.17
    Size: 14177 kb
    Downloads: 325
    Propelled by his jetpack, Flingy must swing around spheres to get back to his beloved Mrs...
  • Ascend
    Category: Scifi
    Added: 2010.11.15
    Size: 13215 kb
    Downloads: 790
    Come and discover the dream-like universe of Ascend and become the wind master.
  • Orbattle
    Category: Scifi
    Added: 2010.11.04
    Size: 4079 kb
    Downloads: 433
    Orbattle is a 2-player space combat game where you fire missiles to destroy your opponent's ship....
  • Out of Space
    Category: Scifi
    Added: 2010.11.01
    Size: 32080 kb
    Downloads: 1597
    Out of space is a 3d shoot'em up game for iPhone. Defend Earth from invading alien fleet. Lean...
  • Galaxy On Fire 3D
    Category: Scifi
    Added: 2010.10.27
    Size: 18450 kb
    Downloads: 1644
    The FAAD GOLD app by App introduces Galaxy On Fire™ as Today's Featured Free App
  • Added: 2010.10.21
    Size: 12288 kb
    Downloads: 1033
    The year is 2100, 45 years after the Great War and the nuclear apocalypse that devastated the...
  • iHook
    Category: Scifi
    Added: 2010.07.14
    Size: 7307 kb
    Downloads: 937
    Can you save the ship trapped in deep space? All you have is rescue capsule, two hooks to control...
  • Added: 2010.07.05
    Size: 5658 kb
    Downloads: 1339
    In the world much later than the time the sun has been lost and the solar system has been ruined,...
  • Star Rangers
    Category: Scifi
    Added: 2010.07.05
    Size: 19100 kb
    Downloads: 268
    Pilot a Starfighter in the premiere 3D space fighting game for the iPhone and touch!
  • Machine War.
    Category: Scifi
    Added: 2010.07.02
    Size: 17094 kb
    Downloads: 962
    "Tank action game with full of reality, Machine Wars!"
  • Strike Fighter
    Category: Scifi
    Added: 2010.07.01
    Size: 17126 kb
    Downloads: 600
    Part Shoot-Em-Up, Part Flight Simulator, ALL ACTION!
  • Land Air Sea Warfare
    Category: Scifi
    Added: 2010.06.20
    Size: 20165 kb
    Downloads: 2843
    Control giant mega units and dominate in battle! Command a force of thousands of units into...
  • Black Space
    Category: Scifi
    Added: 2010.06.16
    Size: 61112 kb
    Downloads: 748
    "Black Space" takes you on an epic journey to save the Alliance from the evil Terran Hegemony.
  • Future Fight
    Category: Scifi
    Added: 2010.06.08
    Size: 14005 kb
    Downloads: 740
    "Future Fight is tactic battle game in which all sides are performing their turns at the same...
  • MetalWars
    Category: Scifi
    Added: 2010.05.27
    Size: 11316 kb
    Downloads: 2782
    Metal Wars is Full 3D Shooting Game that attacks and destroys enemies while upgrading to various...