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Multimedia Software

  • Display Recorder
    Category: Picture
    Added: 2012.06.19
    Size: 3072 kb
    Downloads: 107509
    Current version has bug with some Region Format, in that case, Display Recorder cannot record...
  • AVPlayerHD
    Category: Video
    Added: 2013.10.11
    Size: 19968 kb
    Downloads: 49020
    Do you enjoy watching videos on your iPad? Do you hate not being able to because your iPad cannot...
  • GoodPlayer
    Category: Video
    Added: 2013.11.05
    Size: 17408 kb
    Downloads: 44142
    No need to convert the media files before playing it, GoodPlayer can play AVI, Xvid, Divx,...
  • iMovie
    Category: Video
    Added: 2013.09.04
    Size: 484762 kb
    Downloads: 44027
    Make beautiful HD movies anywhere with iMovie, the fast and fun moviemaking app that puts...
  • SoundHound ∞
    Category: Audio
    Added: 2013.10.17
    Size: 9421 kb
    Downloads: 29520
    SoundHound : Blazing fast music recognition.
  • VLC Streamer
    Category: Video
    Added: 2013.10.22
    Size: 6758 kb
    Downloads: 25797
    Sit anywhere in your house and watch movies or TV shows on your iPhone, iPod or iPad.
  • PDF Reader Pro
    Category: Reader
    Added: 2013.06.19
    Size: 46182 kb
    Downloads: 24543
    As if you were having a portable office, PDF Reader Pro helps you manage your business on the go!
  • Action Movie FX
    Category: Audio
    Added: 2013.11.04
    Size: 48640 kb
    Downloads: 24064
    ACTION MOVIE FX lets you add Hollywood FX to iPhone AND iPad movies that YOU shoot!
  • Music Studio
    Category: Audio
    Added: 2013.10.21
    Size: 316416 kb
    Downloads: 22288
    Music Studio offers a complete music production environment for the iPad/iPhone/iPod touch with...
  • Added: 2013.10.27
    Size: 27341 kb
    Downloads: 21783
    OPlayer HD is used to boost your iPad's media abilities, you can also use it to streaming audio...
  • TuneIn Radio Pro
    Category: Audio
    Added: 2013.10.07
    Size: 15258 kb
    Downloads: 20979
    TuneIn Radio Pro adds the ability to record everything you love from TuneIn Radio. Plus, you can...
  • Magic Piano
    Category: Audio
    Added: 2013.10.24
    Size: 36557 kb
    Downloads: 19986
    Get free songs every day and enjoy the largest catalog of songs in any piano app. Turn on game...
  • Added: 2013.06.30
    Size: 1741 kb
    Downloads: 18558
    Get more of your video library on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Air Video is a great solution...
  • RushPlayer
    Category: Video
    Added: 2013.10.30
    Size: 11469 kb
    Downloads: 18130
    With Rushplayer, you can experience stunning high-quality 720p 1080p videos in an extensive...
  • Guitar Pro
    Category: Audio
    Added: 2013.10.24
    Size: 24678 kb
    Downloads: 17222
    The Guitar Pro application allows all guitarists to enjoy viewing, playing, as well as writing...
  • Adobe Photoshop Express
    Category: Picture
    Added: 2012.06.10
    Size: 26214 kb
    Downloads: 16700
    Adobe Photoshop Express software lets you use simple gestures to quickly edit and share photos...
  • Added: 2013.06.23
    Size: 26522 kb
    Downloads: 16341
    My Sketch is The Best sketch maker with more than 10 million amazing users!
  • Vintique
    Category: Picture
    Added: 2013.10.22
    Size: 49357 kb
    Downloads: 16001
    Vintique provides awesome vintage filters and powerful image editing tools.
  • iPhoto
    Category: Picture
    Added: 2013.09.03
    Size: 108544 kb
    Downloads: 15216
    With iPhoto for iOS, Apple brings Multi-Touch to photography in a breakthrough way. Browse, edit,...
  • 360 Panorama
    Category: Camera
    Added: 2012.12.10
    Size: 5325 kb
    Downloads: 14431
    Take stunning 360 panoramas everywhere. 360 Panorama turns your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad into...
  • iComic -comic reader-
    Category: Reader
    Added: 2013.10.15
    Size: 1024 kb
    Downloads: 14406
    iComic makes great use of the multi-touch function for simple and effective page navigation and...
  • djay for iPad
    Category: Audio
    Added: 2013.06.20
    Size: 40550 kb
    Downloads: 14252
    Ready to rock your next party? Introducing djay, Algoriddim's award-winning and highly acclaimed...
  • PicFrame
    Category: Picture
    Added: 2013.11.05
    Size: 11162 kb
    Downloads: 14029
    PicFrame helps you combine multiple photos into amazing looking frames and share them with your...
  • Big Lens
    Category: Picture
    Added: 2013.10.30
    Size: 32563 kb
    Downloads: 13934
    Whether you’re a novice or pro photographer, Big Lens is your secret weapon when taking shots...
  • Snapseed
    Category: Picture
    Added: 2013.11.04
    Size: 25190 kb
    Downloads: 13894
    Snapseed is the only photo app you’ll want to use every day. It makes any photograph...
  • Photo Manager Pro
    Category: Picture
    Added: 2013.11.03
    Size: 9318 kb
    Downloads: 13882
    Do you have troubles for managing thousands of photos and videos? Do you have any private photos...
  • Added: 2013.04.29
    Size: 16998 kb
    Downloads: 13857
    With Movie Player you can now watch all your favorite films on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
  • GoodReader for iPad
    Category: Reader
    Added: 2013.02.24
    Size: 32358 kb
    Downloads: 13676
    GoodReader has earned its accolades by the way it handles huge PDF and TXT files, manuals, large...
  • AgingBooth
    Category: Picture
    Added: 2013.04.13
    Size: 17613 kb
    Downloads: 13497
    What will you look like when you’re old? And what about your friends? Find out with AgingBooth,...
  • Fast Camera
    Category: Camera
    Added: 2013.10.24
    Size: 7066 kb
    Downloads: 13415
    Group photos, self-portraits, capturing live action, and even time-lapses are made so much easier...