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  • Week Calendar
    Category: Calculator
    Added: 2013.10.17
    Size: 11469 kb
    Downloads: 2847
    The default iPhone calendar app does not include a week overview and makes it difficult to see...
  • Calculator HD Pro
    Category: Calculator
    Added: 2013.06.14
    Size: 24678 kb
    Downloads: 2863
    Calculator HD Pro features a dual-line display that updates live as you type, so you can keep...
  • ▸ Calculator
    Category: Calculator
    Added: 2013.05.29
    Size: 17715 kb
    Downloads: 2584
    HiCalc Pro is an ultimate calculator and will make all your calculations become simpler than ever...
  • Chameleon Calculator
    Category: Calculator
    Added: 2013.05.05
    Size: 1946 kb
    Downloads: 346
    Tod Calc is a powerful, customizable calculator. Design a calculator just the way you want it.
  • Added: 2012.12.23
    Size: 16384 kb
    Downloads: 792
    Why limit yourself to one line display of cheap pocket calculators when your iPhone or iPad can...
  • Calculator∞
    Category: Calculator
    Added: 2012.11.12
    Size: 30208 kb
    Downloads: 3638
    Calculator Infinity (∞) - The iPhone/iPod Calculator is proud of its multiplication of features...
  • Added: 2012.09.11
    Size: 5018 kb
    Downloads: 1295
    ConvertMe, an elegant and smart, currency and units calculator. As time has passed, we have...
  • Calculator ✓
    Category: Calculator
    Added: 2012.07.04
    Size: 2560 kb
    Downloads: 976
    A fully functional calculator on your hands, and even more, you will have a fully working...
  • PCalc RPN Calculator
    Category: Calculator
    Added: 2012.07.03
    Size: 5018 kb
    Downloads: 9705
    PCalc is ideal for scientists, engineers, students, programmers, or indeed anybody looking for a...
  • Calculator Easy HD
    Category: Calculator
    Added: 2012.07.01
    Size: 1126 kb
    Downloads: 1138
    The best calculator supports both new iPad & iPhone Retina display(2048x1536).
  • Added: 2012.05.30
    Size: 26317 kb
    Downloads: 812
    DOUBLE calculators in one device this offer you much more than the regular calculator that you've...
  • Scientific Calculator+
    Category: Calculator
    Added: 2012.05.23
    Size: 1126 kb
    Downloads: 3513
    Scientific Calculator+ is an iPhone/iPad calculator designed with simplicity, usability, and...
  • HWCalc
    Category: Calculator
    Added: 2012.05.15
    Size: 9933 kb
    Downloads: 252
    This application is a calculator of a hand-written style. 
  • Handwriting Calculator
    Category: Calculator
    Added: 2012.03.27
    Size: 2150 kb
    Downloads: 1809
    You just write your equation down on the screen in your own writing and it will be transcribed to...
  • Added: 2012.03.14
    Size: 21811 kb
    Downloads: 894
    Calcbot is a simple and beautifully designed calculator for your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
  • Calculator³
    Category: Calculator
    Added: 2012.03.01
    Size: 12800 kb
    Downloads: 619
    Calculator³ is the 3 in 1 multi-function scientific calculator for iPhone/iPod/iPad been useful...
  • Calculator HD+ Pro
    Category: Calculator
    Added: 2012.01.16
    Size: 2458 kb
    Downloads: 2472
    It is simple, easy to use and well designed, equipped with high precision engine.
  • Puzzle Sphere
    Category: Calculator
    Added: 2011.05.24
    Size: 20275 kb
    Downloads: 586
    Guide your sphere across 4 themes and 64 levels, push switches, discover what they open or close,...
  • Added: 2011.01.16
    Size: 1212 kb
    Downloads: 1681
    This is the best calculator app.
  • Added: 2011.01.10
    Size: 111471 kb
    Downloads: 2124
    It’s a rare entertainment release; comedy and gameplay are equally good.
  • iSysInfo
    Category: Calculator
    Added: 2010.10.29
    Size: 685 kb
    Downloads: 571
    Get all your Server Information on your iPhone/iPod !
  • Calculator SC-323PU
    Category: Calculator
    Added: 2010.10.11
    Size: 2857 kb
    Downloads: 2010
    The SC-323PU is a scientific calculator, currency and unit converter and calculator, time and...
  • Graphing Calculator
    Category: Calculator
    Added: 2010.03.16
    Size: 551 kb
    Downloads: 5167
    Graphing Calculator turns your phone or iPod into an intuitive high-resolution function plotter...
  • Added: 2010.02.19
    Size: 1366 kb
    Downloads: 5243
    The most powerful and compact calculator for Students and Professionals in finance, business,...
  • eCalc
    Category: Calculator
    Added: 2010.01.07
    Size: 2508 kb
    Downloads: 6022
    The iPhone version of the popular on-line calculator is finally here with all the great features...
  • Digital Compass
    Category: Calculator
    Added: 2009.11.25
    Size: 269 kb
    Downloads: 3981
    Digital Compass is a compass that uses the iphone GPS to display the course.
  • Digital Altimeter
    Category: Calculator
    Added: 2009.11.25
    Size: 312 kb
    Downloads: 1953
    Digital Altimeter is a GPS and web based altimeter for the iphone 3G.
  • Cool Tip Calculator
    Category: Calculator
    Added: 2009.11.04
    Size: 1689 kb
    Downloads: 713
    The Cool Tip Calculator is a handy utility application for use in any tipping situation,...
  • Added: 2009.10.25
    Size: 798 kb
    Downloads: 2280
    SpaceTime 4.0 is the most powerful mathematics program and graphing calculator for the iPhone and...
  • Added: 2009.08.28
    Size: 108 kb
    Downloads: 1772