• Office² HD
    Category: Document
    Added: 2013.11.05
    Size: 17510 kb
    Downloads: 36102
    Office² HD, the most intuitive and straightforward office document editor available on the iPad,...
  • Evernote
    Category: Document
    Added: 2013.10.31
    Size: 13722 kb
    Downloads: 36160
    Evernote is an easy-to-use, free app that helps you remember everything across all of the devices...
  • Use Your Handwriting GOLD
    Category: Document
    Added: 2013.10.24
    Size: 13210 kb
    Downloads: 32344
    Use Your Handwriting is a tool that lets you write notes, Facebook posts, Tweets and Email in...
  • Polaris Office
    Category: Document
    Added: 2013.10.13
    Size: 55501 kb
    Downloads: 9487
    Polaris Office is a mobile office solution which makes you to view/edit MS Office documents on...
  • Scanner Pro by Readdle
    Category: Document
    Added: 2013.10.11
    Size: 24986 kb
    Downloads: 21723
    Scanner Pro transforms your iPhone and iPad into portable scanners. It allows you to scan...
  • NoteLedge for iPad
    Category: Document
    Added: 2013.10.10
    Size: 57242 kb
    Downloads: 3039
    NoteLedge is a robust note-taking application that allows you to take notes with powerful editing...
  • Added: 2013.09.22
    Size: 16384 kb
    Downloads: 4898
    abcNotes was designed to become your stylish and highly customizable, functional and easy to use...
  • Codea for iPad
    Category: Document
    Added: 2013.09.09
    Size: 32870 kb
    Downloads: 1661
    Codea lets you create games and simulations — or just about any visual idea you have.
  • Day One (Journal / Diary)
    Category: Document
    Added: 2013.09.03
    Size: 32461 kb
    Downloads: 4455
    A new way to journal. Enter your memories, ideas, events and photos to have them synced to your...
  • Added: 2013.08.27
    Size: 35840 kb
    Downloads: 6440
    The Ultimate Solution for Google Drive and Google Docs.
  • Notability
    Category: Document
    Added: 2013.08.22
    Size: 66355 kb
    Downloads: 5359
    Notability powerfully integrates handwriting, PDF annotation, typing, recording, and organizing...
  • Added: 2013.08.05
    Size: 25702 kb
    Downloads: 5444
    PDF Expert is the ultimate solution for all your PDF needs.
  • CloudOn
    Category: Document
    Added: 2013.08.02
    Size: 16691 kb
    Downloads: 863
    CloudOn brings Microsoft Office® to your iPhone & iPad and links it to your Box, Dropbox, Google...
  • Added: 2013.08.01
    Size: 11776 kb
    Downloads: 821
    Documents Unlimited Free is an app that allows you to create and edit Microsoft Office and Open...
  • Easy Writer + for iPad
    Category: Document
    Added: 2013.07.25
    Size: 15258 kb
    Downloads: 505
    This user-friendly and simple text editor is the ultimative productivity text tool for your iPad.
  • Safe Notes HD
    Category: Document
    Added: 2013.07.24
    Size: 8294 kb
    Downloads: 965
    Jot down sensitive notes that you don’t want anyone to see.
  • PDFpen for iPad
    Category: Document
    Added: 2013.07.07
    Size: 32973 kb
    Downloads: 575
    With PDFpen, use your iPad to sign a contract, make corrections, fill out an application, make...
  • PDF Connoisseur for iPad
    Category: Document
    Added: 2013.06.19
    Size: 45261 kb
    Downloads: 587
    Kdan Mobile proudly presents you all new PDF Connoisseur 2.0 with the most powerful features and...
  • Added: 2013.06.13
    Size: 51405 kb
    Downloads: 1438
    PDF Combo gives you a strong document viewer plus much more. PDF Combo answers your requests by...
  • Nebulous Notes
    Category: Document
    Added: 2013.06.04
    Size: 11469 kb
    Downloads: 1023
    Featured three times on Lifehacker as one of the best tools for getting things done! I get emails...
  • My Day Pro
    Category: Document
    Added: 2013.05.30
    Size: 55501 kb
    Downloads: 1064
    Counting days till the exciting event in your or your close people's lives? "My Day" will help...
  • OmniOutliner for iPad
    Category: Document
    Added: 2013.05.21
    Size: 23450 kb
    Downloads: 179
    OmniOutliner starts as a blank page. But as you collect, compose, and rearrange text, its...
  • TopNotes Pro
    Category: Document
    Added: 2013.05.13
    Size: 32870 kb
    Downloads: 347
    TopNotes is a powerful app for handwriting and organizing notes, sketches, diagrams, illusions...
  • Added: 2013.04.16
    Size: 10035 kb
    Downloads: 57549
    Looking to access your Microsoft Office files at any time? All you need is your favorite iOS...
  • PDF PROvider for iPad
    Category: Document
    Added: 2013.04.08
    Size: 18125 kb
    Downloads: 1211
    PDF PROvider is the most enhanced PDF converter, viewer, merger and manager in one pack.
  • PDF Cabinet for iPad
    Category: Document
    Added: 2013.04.08
    Size: 42496 kb
    Downloads: 285
    PDF Cabinet makes working with PDF documents a simple and pleasurable experience.
  • DocAS for iPad
    Category: Document
    Added: 2013.03.27
    Size: 11469 kb
    Downloads: 1529
    DocAS lets you take note, sketch your ideas, annotate PDFs, convert other document format to PDF,...
  • Added: 2013.03.24
    Size: 27750 kb
    Downloads: 438
    Voila! The days of pen and paper are over with. Well, with Journals, we’d like to think so.
  • Added: 2013.03.19
    Size: 35123 kb
    Downloads: 645
    MyScript Notes Mobile, the application which turns your iPad tablet into a real library of...
  • Letter
    Category: Document
    Added: 2013.02.28
    Size: 8192 kb
    Downloads: 403
    With the Letter app you can now write your personal letters on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch...