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  • Added: 2013.11.26
    Size: 47514 kb
    Downloads: 48591
    Use the unique powers of the Angry Birds to destroy the greedy pigs' defenses!

  • Added: 2013.12.03
    Size: 105472 kb
    Downloads: 39954
    Cut the rope to feed candy to little monster Om Nom! 250 million downloads around the world of...
  • Added: 2013.10.11
    Size: 37171 kb
    Downloads: 14382
    Collect coins, grab crazy powerups, and dodge monsters to boost yourself to the edge of the...
  • Added: 2013.02.13
    Size: 37069 kb
    Downloads: 7178
    The world needs a hero! The Emperor’s daughter is in danger and she needs your help!
  • Added: 2012.12.23
    Size: 37888 kb
    Downloads: 6816
    Chomp your way to the top of the food chain in this fast-paced aquatic eat 'em-up. Binge on the...
  • Added: 2013.09.22
    Size: 44134 kb
    Downloads: 6197
    Run, jump, bounce and swing on vines as you help Banana Kong to outrun a huge banana avalanche!
  • Added: 2013.11.18
    Size: 66765 kb
    Downloads: 5002
    Revisit this fighting gem, by playing one of its legendary (and sometimes hidden) teams, and...
  • Added: 2013.09.17
    Size: 85299 kb
    Downloads: 4410
    Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer, is the first officially licensed deck building card game...
  • Added: 2012.11.25
    Size: 37888 kb
    Downloads: 3317
    Chomp your way to the top of the food chain in this fast-paced aquatic eat 'em-up. Binge on the...
  • Added: 2012.12.06
    Size: 128000 kb
    Downloads: 3158
    Welcome to The Room, a physical puzzler, wrapped in a mystery game, inside a beautifully tactile...
  • Added: 2013.09.23
    Size: 106496 kb
    Downloads: 3076
    Enter the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe with the fast and fun spin-off Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM. This online Trading...
  • Added: 2013.03.17
    Size: 49869 kb
    Downloads: 2484
    It is a beautiful sunny day in Leprechaun Village. Lep and his friends enjoy the sun, when...
  • Added: 2013.03.22
    Size: 76698 kb
    Downloads: 2242
    Feel the rush of battle and non-stop action as Gangster Granny resumes in her hectic warfare...
  • Added: 2012.05.17
    Size: 25190 kb
    Downloads: 2042
    There you were, minding your own business reading a book when all of a sudden it sucked you...
  • Added: 2014.02.12
    Size: 48230 kb
    Downloads: 2029
    NinJump Rooftops is a fast-paced game where your goal is to jump between rooftops, avoid...
  • Added: 2012.08.28
    Size: 49869 kb
    Downloads: 1933
    A horrible tornado hit King Sigmund's kingdon and woke up an evil dragon. Now it's up to you,...
  • Added: 2014.01.06
    Size: 4403 kb
    Downloads: 1902
    Farm Heroes saga is a match 3 game.Match fruits to progress through the levels and help the farm...
  • Added: 2013.06.04
    Size: 90829 kb
    Downloads: 1894
    The legend is back, better and bigger than ever before. Four years after the successful mobile...
  • Added: 2013.02.16
    Size: 43827 kb
    Downloads: 1887
    Go bananas for Nitro Chimp, the world’s fastest stunt monkey on two wheels. Steer this stunt...
  • Added: 2013.11.19
    Size: 54272 kb
    Downloads: 1759
    Upgrade your LEGO Pullback Racer - pull back and race through the LEGO TECHNIC construction hall.
  • Added: 2013.06.25
    Size: 25600 kb
    Downloads: 1754
    Help mice steal cheese and defeat the cat! House of Mice is a game that tests your speed and...
  • Added: 2012.10.07
    Size: 55603 kb
    Downloads: 1708
    Remove the evil curse in this captivating adventure by finding hidden objects in the dark and...
  • Added: 2013.03.04
    Size: 37171 kb
    Downloads: 1681
    Snuggle Truck is an over-the-top physics-based driving game where you must save your cargo full...
  • Added: 2013.07.31
    Size: 12902 kb
    Downloads: 1590
    Lep the Leprechaun has lost his gold! Help him to jump and run through the beautiful worlds of...
  • Added: 2013.05.12
    Size: 67789 kb
    Downloads: 1458
    FUN FOR ALL AGES! One day Max gets a mysterious marker in the mail.
  • Added: 2012.09.13
    Size: 193536 kb
    Downloads: 1363
    A rash of murders has struck, and it’s up to you as an FBI agent to find the murderer in...
  • Added: 2013.03.17
    Size: 15565 kb
    Downloads: 1332
    Cut through hundreds of creeps to face giant monsters in unique bossfights. Collect special...
  • Added: 2013.03.06
    Size: 14438 kb
    Downloads: 1330
    In the tough Ninja's life full of spying, sabotage and infiltration there is always something to...
  • Added: 2012.06.12
    Size: 56730 kb
    Downloads: 1304
    The Zombies are in town, and its up to you to send them back to where they came from!
  • Added: 2012.06.19
    Size: 45670 kb
    Downloads: 1287
    Deceptively simple in concept, this game will challenge your logic skills in a way that will make...