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  • Added: 2009.12.14
    Size: 429 kb
    Downloads: 2074
    Coffee Theme Nice graphic theme with coffee colored background. Nice combination of brown and...
  • Texas Pocker Theme
    Category: Theme
    Added: 2009.12.10
    Size: 1181 kb
    Downloads: 832
    Texas Pocket Theme by Shilca is a great colorful theme for your mobile. Nice and vivid colors on...
  • Added: 2009.12.07
    Size: 1290 kb
    Downloads: 1235
    Spring Theme by Zjsx is a colorful theme, great for the coming season. Enjoy the blue sky and the...
  • Blue Touch Theme
    Category: Theme
    Added: 2009.12.03
    Size: 1404 kb
    Downloads: 1426
    Blue Touch Theme by Blue_Ray is a sample but still elegant theme in blue. Nice and bright color,...
  • Prince of Persia Theme
    Category: Theme
    Added: 2009.12.02
    Size: 1271 kb
    Downloads: 1417
    Prince of Persia Theme by The Shadow is a picturesque skin for Symbian. It takes the theme of the...
  • Sensor Analyzer
    Category: Monitor
    Added: 2009.11.30
    Size: 13 kb
    Downloads: 923
    With Sensor Analyzer you can see in real-time how your phone reacts to shakes, tilts, rotation...
  • Orange Theme
    Category: Theme
    Added: 2009.11.27
    Size: 585 kb
    Downloads: 905
    Orange Theme by igmonius is a skin in warm colours. Orange, dark yellow and purple are melting in...
  • Dark Danger Theme
    Category: Theme
    Added: 2009.11.25
    Size: 464 kb
    Downloads: 717
    This theme is amazing! Dark Danger Theme by Mowmo is a black background theme with big colorful...
  • Red Sheen
    Category: Theme
    Added: 2009.11.23
    Size: 929 kb
    Downloads: 1357
    Red Sheen by Sauromatum is a glossy theme for Nokia 5800 Xpress Music and N97. Very stilysh and...
  • Far Away Theme
    Category: Theme
    Added: 2009.11.20
    Size: 1744 kb
    Downloads: 980
    Blue Ray is coming again with a new misty theme - the Far Away Theme. An island mansion on the...
  • Electrify Theme
    Category: Theme
    Added: 2009.11.19
    Size: 1368 kb
    Downloads: 1070
    Electrify Theme by Supertonic is first of all a very colorful theme! It uses screaming orange...
  • SuxMario Theme
    Category: Theme
    Added: 2009.11.16
    Size: 593 kb
    Downloads: 691
    The SuxMario Theme by Blue_Ray is a theme that uses the "hero" of one of the most famous games -...
  • Happy Theme
    Category: Theme
    Added: 2009.11.13
    Size: 1410 kb
    Downloads: 388
    Colors, colors, colors! It is all that the Happy Theme by Gnokkia theme is about! All the colors...
  • Pink Vector Theme
    Category: Theme
    Added: 2009.11.12
    Size: 1454 kb
    Downloads: 472
    Pink Vector Theme by Ahmed is a funky disco theme in pink. Pop art your symbian phone with this...
  • Emboss 3 Theme
    Category: Theme
    Added: 2009.11.10
    Size: 103 kb
    Downloads: 646
    Emboss 3 by Theme FranzLeo - this is the skin for all the fans of the great Suzuki. You can see...
  • Sketch Theme
    Category: Theme
    Added: 2009.11.05
    Size: 572 kb
    Downloads: 401
    Sketch Theme by Sauromatum is an amazing theme, that brings you back in the thime of paper and...
  • iPhone Theme
    Category: Theme
    Added: 2009.11.03
    Size: 2518 kb
    Downloads: 2060
    Make your phone look like an iPhone with the iPhone Theme by DSMA. You will find the exact copy...
  • Windows7 Theme
    Category: Theme
    Added: 2009.11.01
    Size: 1064 kb
    Downloads: 2804
    Windows 7 Theme by Msonic is a copy of the Microsoft OS interface for mobile phones. The colors...
  • AbstractBlueRed Theme
    Category: Theme
    Added: 2009.10.29
    Size: 1417 kb
    Downloads: 583
    AbstractBlueRed Theme by Blue_Ray is an interesting tricolored theme with abstract wave like...
  • MacOs Theme
    Category: Theme
    Added: 2009.10.28
    Size: 1271 kb
    Downloads: 938
    For all the fans of this great OS - here is the perfect skin.
  • Liquid Touch Theme
    Category: Theme
    Added: 2009.10.26
    Size: 918 kb
    Downloads: 1018
    Liquid Touch Theme by The Shadow is a well done illusion for a theme. Transform your mobile to a...
  • Tux Theme
    Category: Theme
    Added: 2009.10.15
    Size: 2030 kb
    Downloads: 622
    Tux by AJ23 is a great theme with the well know penguin mascot. Compatible with 3th and 5th...
  • Ubuntu Theme
    Category: Theme
    Added: 2009.10.15
    Size: 1308 kb
    Downloads: 356
    Ubuntu Theme by Ahmed is a stylish theme in terra colors with the logo of the Hardy Heron...
  • Cartoon Theme
    Category: Theme
    Added: 2009.09.30
    Size: 1157 kb
    Downloads: 331
    Cartoon Theme is a funny theme in brown colours. With its strange but cute cartoon animals on the...
  • Key Lock
    Category: Optimization
    Added: 2009.09.30
    Size: 124 kb
    Downloads: 787
    Key Lock Clock - Very simple to use, just click the application icon, set the "Clock screen" on,...
  • Save Water Theme
    Category: Theme
    Added: 2009.09.27
    Size: 940 kb
    Downloads: 736
    The Save Water Theme by Sunnylovesalman is an eco theme! It will remind you all day long how...
  • Added: 2009.09.26
    Size: 40 kb
    Downloads: 791
    a freeware application that allows you to capture screenshots on your smartphone and save them...
  • Abstract Green Theme
    Category: Theme
    Added: 2009.09.26
    Size: 986 kb
    Downloads: 644
    Abstract Green Theme by igmonius is a fresh and lovely theme for your Symbian telephone
  • Added: 2009.08.22
    Size: 1228 kb
    Downloads: 200
  • Quick Write (English) 2.60
    Category: Other
    Added: 2009.08.19
    Size: 1228 kb
    Downloads: 269