• Battery Monitor Widget Pro
    Category: Monitor
    Added: 2013.10.14
    Size: 1322 kb
    Downloads: 6988
    The most complete tool to manage your battery.
  • Added: 2013.09.05
    Size: 5114 kb
    Downloads: 12875
    Battery Saver & Widget- over 15 Million downloads with a high rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars!
  • PC Monitor
    Category: Monitor
    Added: 2013.07.22
    Size: 3330 kb
    Downloads: 2083
    Monitor and manage everything IT using this application that gives you total control of your...
  • Traffic Monitor
    Category: Monitor
    Added: 2013.07.14
    Size: 4785 kb
    Downloads: 3602
    The RadioOpt Traffic Monitor measures data traffic consumed by your wifi and cellular interface.
  • Added: 2013.07.11
    Size: 3460 kb
    Downloads: 11407
    Du Battery Saver would dispel your worry of the dying battery and free you out of the life...
  • Mobile Counter - 3G, WiFi
    Category: Monitor
    Added: 2013.05.22
    Size: 1281 kb
    Downloads: 6270
    Mobile Counter(3G, WiFi, network traffic) - application to count network data GSM/CDMA/WIFI.
  • System Monitor
    Category: Monitor
    Added: 2013.04.22
    Size: 1321 kb
    Downloads: 2055
    The most beautiful and versatile System Monitor for Android.
  • GSam Battery Monitor
    Category: Monitor
    Added: 2013.04.16
    Size: 2359 kb
    Downloads: 2760
    Formerly known as Badass Battery Monitor, GSam Battery Monitor still lives up to its former name.
  • WIFI Scan
    Category: Monitor
    Added: 2013.04.08
    Size: 1920 kb
    Downloads: 3624
    The WiFi analyzer that you need to control your wireless network to the fullest!
  • tinyCam Monitor PRO - SALE!
    Category: Monitor
    Added: 2013.03.31
    Size: 3945 kb
    Downloads: 7017
    One of the best app available for Android for remote surveillance, control and video recording...
  • Added: 2013.03.21
    Size: 4501 kb
    Downloads: 1846
    This is a battery widget of "Pesoguin", a popular character in Japan.
  • SequiTimer interval timer
    Category: Monitor
    Added: 2012.12.30
    Size: 440 kb
    Downloads: 1961
    New universal, simple and reliable free countdown timer
  • Barking Sounds
    Category: Monitor
    Added: 2012.11.12
    Size: 16076 kb
    Downloads: 1891
    Chasing some cool barking sounds? Want to freshen up your ringtone collection with dog barking...
  • WiFinder
    Category: Monitor
    Added: 2012.09.11
    Size: 96 kb
    Downloads: 6303
    Nice look WiFi scanner allows you to connect all wifi networks: Open, WEP, WPA, WPA2.
  • AutoBluetooth
    Category: Monitor
    Added: 2012.09.11
    Size: 376 kb
    Downloads: 4578
    AutoBluetooth helps you have Bluetooth enabled automatically when needed.
  • All About Me
    Category: Monitor
    Added: 2012.09.09
    Size: 735 kb
    Downloads: 1779
    All About Me is your personal hub for your body measurement.
  • Swift key 3
    Category: Monitor
    Added: 2012.06.24
    Size: 6400 kb
    Downloads: 11705
    Meet the world’s smartest touchscreen keyboard for Android.
  • DataBooster
    Category: Monitor
    Added: 2012.05.09
    Size: 2628 kb
    Downloads: 3248
    With the app installed it will check the WiFi around you and connect automatically to good...
  • Added: 2012.05.02
    Size: 2302 kb
    Downloads: 6739
    Smart savings, smarter phone!
  • 360 Live
    Category: Monitor
    Added: 2012.04.10
    Size: 1136 kb
    Downloads: 2154
    360 Live is a fun application that lets you manage your Xbox Live friends.
  • Watchdog Task Manager
    Category: Monitor
    Added: 2012.03.19
    Size: 598 kb
    Downloads: 3273
    Stop killing your apps randomly. Start monitoring them with Watchdog.
  • CPU Control [ROOT]
    Category: Monitor
    Added: 2012.02.20
    Size: 297 kb
    Downloads: 3234
    This application should be compatible with the most of devices (maybe with all) which support OC...
  • Voltage Control
    Category: Monitor
    Added: 2012.01.31
    Size: 685 kb
    Downloads: 2272
    Yet another CPU overclock app. Does what others do + more.
  • Juice Defender
    Category: Monitor
    Added: 2012.01.18
    Size: 1528 kb
    Downloads: 6846
    For battery life just too good to be true, JuiceDefender Ultimate employs a ton of advanced,...
  • Extended Controls
    Category: Monitor
    Added: 2012.01.03
    Size: 2523 kb
    Downloads: 14850
    Extended controls is THE MUST HAVE APP for every Android user.
  • Fast Reboot Pro
    Category: Monitor
    Added: 2011.12.27
    Size: 87 kb
    Downloads: 4340
    Select processes that should be excluded from being restarted/closed!
  • Overlook Fing
    Category: Monitor
    Added: 2011.12.18
    Size: 510 kb
    Downloads: 2176
    Born from the ashes of Look LAN Network Monitor, Fing is the ultimate toolkit for network...
  • AppMonster Pro
    Category: Monitor
    Added: 2011.12.15
    Size: 179 kb
    Downloads: 8309
    AppMonster is the Application Manager for Android.
  • APN Backup Restore
    Category: Monitor
    Added: 2011.12.14
    Size: 74 kb
    Downloads: 2687
    A simple App to backup and restore APNs (Settings to connect to the internet with the mobile...
  • App Quarantine (ROOT)
    Category: Monitor
    Added: 2011.11.28
    Size: 149 kb
    Downloads: 3132
    Are you tired of system apps that are installed on your device and you can't remove them? Then...